Friday, July 30, 2010


Over the duration of studying textiles, I've looked at a LOT of patterns. I've noticed I usually like 2 colour patterns, very geometric, and it's been hard to branch off and do multicolour patterns and designs. The one above is my Dala Horse design for a Hankies project and I was very happy with it, it printed well and is very geometric. I'd like to print this again in the future, perhaps dulling the colours to a tone more suitable to my new palate. Perhaps even a greyscale would be nice. The pattern below is a repeat of illustrations I did, the vintage clothing was from a fantastic book from my library that I copied, manipulated and finished the illustrations to have animals wearing the clothes, I think I'd like to print some more of this and use it as lining fabric in the future. Its interesting, but not over the top and is a very one way directional design. After my work experience doing multi directional designs I've noticed I tend to always apply direction to my design somehow, giving it purpose as I normally design for a specific product or application. I've grown to love repeats, I hope to do more in the near future, as I have many projects in mind for them.

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Nadja said...

Your animal print really stands out, I like it!